Icelandic Adventure by Jill Brooke

Jill Brooke

Two Action-Packed Days Strengthen a Mother-Son Bond

by Jill Brooke

Working parents dream about travel wish lists with their kids but rarely take them. Why? The rationale of course – though flawed – is you need the vacation time and finances. However, here’s a road map back to reality. You can be resourceful and pack a lifetime of memories in just two days! Try to schedule business trips on Thursday and extend your stay till the weekend – with your paid airfare baked into budget – and then fly your child over. Or arrive early before a Monday meeting. In fact, Icelandair has hatched a clever plan to help with this caper. Without any extra charge, you can have a stopover in rollicking Reykjavik and then fly to and from another destination – as long as the trip doesn’t last more than 10 days. Which is exactly what I did to get my son, Parker, forklifted from his iPhone, video games and beats headphones and reunited with his mother. We wouldn’t do what I love – shopping, reading, sipping a Gin and Tonic on the beach – after all working moms are exhausted – and instead I created an itinerary that would dazzle any teenage boy.