Drangsnes in Westfjords small but fine place a hidden gem


Lumpfish Life: Growing Up In A Remote Fishing Village

An amusing interaction in a Facebook group caught my attention the other day. A small-town resident wanted to order pizza. Seeing a mass order as her only chance to get the pizzeria to deliver, she rallied her townsmen. Together they put in their order. But the understaffed pizzeria wouldn’t budge. Finally, someone in the group was able to make arrangements to go pick up the pizzas and distribute them to the rest. She got her pizza. But, you’re probably wondering, why all this fuss about ordering pizza?

These people are amongst the 60 or so residents of Drangsnes, a small fishing village in the remote region of Strandir. The closest pizzeria is located in Hólmavík, a slightly larger town populated by 337 people. Fifteen years ago, nobody would even have thought of ordering pizza from Hólmavík—it would have taken almost two hours on an unpaved road to make the trip there and back. Fifteen years ago, if you wanted a pizza in Drangsnes, you simply made it yourself—at least that’s what my friends and I did, growing up there in the late 1990s and early 2000s.